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Miriam P.

I loved the cordial treatment that Nohea had when delivering the car to us. He made sure we could call him if necessary, which was very nice. Regarding the car, all excellent, and we even got a discount since we used the car for a longer period.

Oct 7, 2022
Nate A.

They are very professional and available when you need them. On my vacation with my wife, we had a flat tire far from the city, and two members of the staff came to help us since we couldn't get anyone to come. Five stars!

Oct 7, 2022
Eduardo D.

I rented a hybrid to tour the island on my own and was fascinated by the car. It was in excellent condition, very clean, and well-equipped with everything I needed. I would hire Hauʻoli Car Rental again.

Oct 7, 2022